What are your views on climate change?

Climate change affects us all in many ways, both directly as well as indirectly. I accept the scientific evidence linking the occurrence of global warming to subsequent climate change and rising sea levels. Here in Mayo many local residents are dealing with the local consequences of climate change on a daily basis. We are seeing more severe weather events and climate extremes such as storms, floods, droughts and bushfires. We are also witnessing increasing challenges for our local communities as they deal with changing weather patterns and the diminished security of our fresh water supplies.

Mayo is without a doubt a beautiful part of the world, and we all take the job of acting to protect its unique ecosystems and environment seriously. The day-to-day efforts of the people of the Mayo Electorate, both individually and collectively need to be supported by a Federal Government which is prepared to push for a global solution to a global problem. 

I believe that in order to ultimately tackle this global problem we must ensure through international agreements that the biggest greenhouse gas emitters (China, India, Europe and the United States) work with nations such as Australia in order to reduce emissions on a national and local basis.

Whatever measures we decide to undertake, whether at a national or local level need to be carefully considered. We must ensure such measures do not unduly disadvantage the national economy or make everything more expensive for Australian families and businesses, as they have done in the past. Improving energy affordability, reliability and security is just as important as reducing emissions.

Do you support drilling in the Great Australian Bight?

I do not support oil drilling in the Great Australian Bight unless it can be effectively and transparently demonstrated to the independent regulatory authority, NOPSEMA, that there is no risk to the environment. Any decision made by NOPSEMA must be in the best interests of the community, and based on accurate and impartial scientific data rather than politics or ideologies. An oil spill in the area could do considerable damage to coastlines and wildlife in Mayo and other parts of South Australia, and also affect our tourism and fishing industries.

What do you think about privatising the ABC?

Like a large majority of Australians and the Coalition Government, I am firmly against privatisation of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC).

I support the ABC remaining fully in public hands, abiding completely by its charter in the most effective and efficient manner possible, prioritising the delivery of media services to Australians where the commercial media is not delivering them (especially in regional, rural and remote areas), being strictly impartial in the delivery of news and current affairs services, and being subject to rigorous Parliamentary oversight through the Estimates process.