Kangaroo Island road network must be brought up to scratch

08 Mar 2019

Kangaroo Island’s road network needs a range of upgrades to improve safety, increase agricultural productivity and deliver a better experience for domestic and international visitors.

Liberal candidate for Mayo Georgina Downer said she was pursuing government support for some priority road projects and other measures on the island.

“Local authorities, businesses and residents have identified several priority projects on my many visits to Kangaroo Island,” Ms Downer said.

“These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • establishing an overtaking lane at Buick’s Hill at Penneshaw, and another at Cape Jervis, to relieve congestion at the ferry terminals;
  • sealing soft shoulders between Kingscote and the airport;
  • sealing Hickman Rd and Wedgewood Rd at Parndana;
  • redesigning a number of straight-through cross-road intersections into staggered T-junctions;
  • clearing vegetation at some intersections; and
  • upgrading warning signs, upgrading road signage at Vivonne Bay, and providing more ‘drive on left’ signs for international tourists.”

Ms Downer said the number of tourists coming to South Australia was at an all-time high, and a big proportion of international visitors to the State were heading for Kangaroo Island.

“It’s one of the jewels in the State’s international tourism crown,” she said. “With tourism as a major economic driver on Kangaroo Island, we need to ensure the island’s 1600km road network is up to scratch and gets these visitors where they want to go, efficiently and safely.

“I’m inspired by some of the measures introduced on the Great Ocean Road in recent years. More than $100 million has been spent on maintenance, remediation safety and capital works on the route in Victoria with a significant contribution from the Liberal national Government.

“With visitors from China constituting the largest proportion of international tourists to the Great Ocean Road, a good measure introduced recently was a number of multi-lingual electronic signs in English and Mandarin alerting drivers to changed traffic conditions.

“I think we could profitably examine the feasibility of some multi-lingual signs on Kangaroo Island to further enhance the local visitor experience.”