Plenty for South Coast to say in aged care royal commission

18 Sep 2018

Residents, their families and service providers in the aged care sector and the wider South Coast community are strongly encouraged to have their say in the coming aged care Royal Commission.

Liberal candidate for Mayo Georgina Downer said aged care, both now and in the future, was a major issue for the region and it was vital the community’s voice was heard.

“I welcome this important opportunity for the South Coast to have its say on the current state, and future, of aged care in our local community and across Australia,” Ms Downer said.

“Many people move to the South Coast in their later years and there is an increasing demand for aged care services in the region. As a nation we must not only meet the demand, but ensure services are of the highest possible standard.

“Local and national demand for aged care is only going to increase. Australians are living longer and staying at home longer. The ratio of working people to the elderly requiring their support is falling. We need long term planning – and a strong, healthy economy – to ensure Australia has the resources to meet aged care demand in the future.

“As the Prime Minister noted in his announcement, the terms of reference for the Royal Commission will be determined in consultation with the community. Everyone who wants to have a say should stay up to date with the establishment of the Royal Commission by providing an email address at this link.

 “How we care for and value aged people reflects strongly on us all as members of Australian society and communities like the South Coast.

“While it’s important we don’t pre-determine any outcomes of the Royal Commission, it represents a significant opportunity for us to have our voices heard in the provision of aged care now and in the future. I’m very happy to assist anyone with all available information about the Royal Commission, and I’ll be providing regular updates.

“I look forward to our community making its voice heard.”